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Legislative Compliance

Keeping abreast of changes in employment laws, human rights laws and labor laws and be challenging. Successful companies realize the effect of HR functions on their bottom line. Legislative compliance is one such facet of HR, when ignored has cost companies significant dollar amounts in penalties, arising from defaults. It is important to ensure that your policies, programs and practices are legislatively compliant .Built-in mandatory and statutory compliance checks at the point of data entry, along with reporting on non-compliant items and regular updates on legislative changes, aids in overall compliance.

Health and Benefits:

Reduce administrative concerns surrounding ERISA, HIPAA and COBRA compliance through access to compliance education, checklists, human resource consultants and specialized legal counsel.

Tax Compliance:

Being compliant with different taxation systems and laws across various states and diverse countries is extremely complex. We help enterprises meet their tax obligations by:

  • Filing tax returns
  • Processing checks and in the remittance of forms and payments
  • Health and welfare form 5500 preparation and assistance

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